Featured: Victoria P, Administrative Operations Manager

In the latest installment of “Spotlight On”, we spoke to Administrative Operations Manager, Victoria P. Victoria told us about her diverse career history, passion for problem solving and the importance of well-being.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an ambitious Administrative Operations Manager with a proven ability to create and execute operational plans. I have specialized skills and knowledge in identifying and addressing operational pitfalls by developing, re-engineering, implementing, and monitoring systems and procedures accounting for company objectives, contractual requirements, and work hierarchy. After two years in the role, I am transitioning from Administration Support Manager to Facilities Maintenance Planner.  I am excited by the next chapter with Bouygues and look forward to applying my knowledge and applying my skills from a fresh perspective.

Victoria with the administration team at GTAP’s 10 year anniversary celebrations

What do you enjoy about your role and working for Bouygues?

I find that working in a challenging environment can be stimulating and rewarding. In my role, I am required to navigate through multiple layers of contractual obligations and operational parameters, but I am energized by problem-solving and adapting to find the best solution. The satisfaction of finding a solution amidst the various requirements and stipulations is unmatched in my career.

What led you to your current role?

Throughout my career, I have gained eight years of experience in administration and operations management, working in a variety of industries. Prior to my current role, I worked as an Operations Coordinator for an online retailer before joining the Bouygues E&S team. It was a challenging role that involved managing and leading a customer service team, including a call centre in the Philippines and a drop-ship facility in Florida. I reported directly to the CEO and honed my skills in organization, analytical reporting, and effective decision-making. I enjoyed the dynamic nature of the role, from developing website landing pages and sales funnels to coordinating and planning marketing campaigns. Reporting trends and opportunities to executives was also an important part of my job, and I found it rewarding to see the direct impact of my work by monitoring sales trends.

How do you feel this experience lent itself to your current role?

As I transition into my role in facility management, I am excited to apply my skills and expertise to this new challenge. In all of my previous roles, I have been able to quickly adapt to the unique parameters and operational goals of the business, and find the most efficient and practical solutions and methods. I find it rewarding to identify patterns in organizational pitfalls and develop solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the business.

What is the most important aspect of FM?

In my opinion, the most important aspect and the success of Facilities Management depends heavily on the well-being and satisfaction of people. Facilities Management plays a crucial role in achieving this by ensuring that the building and its infrastructure are safe, comfortable, and efficient to support facility users. It’s all about providing a supportive environment where people can thrive and be productive.

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