In the latest installment of “Spotlight On”, we spoke to P3 Services Manager Elaine Gomez. Elaine told us about her journey to becoming a manager, the challenges she has faced this year, and what she is most proud of since starting with Bouygues.

Who are you and what do you do?

As a P3 Services Manager, I oversee the soft FM side of the business which includes Housekeeping, Help Desk, Administration, Food Services, and Parking. My responsibilities include delivering the soft FM services through strategic planning ensuring the provision of excellent customer service that exceeds expectations as well as maintaining a productive and trusting relationship with the clients. Working in a Public-Private Partnership (P3) environment involves a lot of contractual obligations and metrics that need to be satisfied by establishing processes, procedures, and practices to ensure risks are mitigated. In my role, I also provide support to other Bouygues departments such as Business Development.

What led you to your current role?

I spent over ten years in the hospitality industry working for different hotels in downtown Vancouver and the Airport area in Richmond, BC. I transitioned to the Healthcare industry soon after where I learned about disinfection and infection control, the difference between a hotel and a hospital clean. My move to Bouygues was driven by a personal desire to work closer to home and closer to my son’s school. I have been with Bouygues for just over four years.

What challenges have you faced this year?

The onset of COVID was a challenge for the departments that I managed which involves transitioning to the new normal and adjusting the operations to address COVID-related concerns. Twenty months after and we’re still under the realm of COVID but have gotten used to the new processes that were introduced and have adjusted as the days go by. The supply chain issue was one of the biggest challenges that our departments encountered not to mention the fear of the unknown of what COVID brings.

Elaine and colleagues during the commissioning of the RCMP Forensics Laboratory

What are you most proud of since working at Bouygues?

On a personal note, I am most proud of finally getting my CFM designation. It was something that I wanted to get a few years ago but did not have the time to work on it.

Professionally, I am proud of the team that I work with at Bouygues. The team achieved several milestones the past several years which included commissioning a new LEED gold building, maintaining BOMA Best Platinum Certification for the rest of the buildings on the campus, receiving recognition from the P3 awards for Best Operational Social Infrastructure Project in the Americas 2020 for the RCMP “E” Division Headquarters facility, and so much more.

Any career or role highlights that you want to mention?

Transitioning from a rank and file to management requires hard work, focus, and commitment. When I started in the industry my goal was to be in a management position. The transition did not take overnight but took years to accomplish with continued education and upgrading of my skills and knowledge in between.

Last year, the site team was awarded the “Best Operational Social Infrastructure Project in the Americas 2020” by P3 Bulletin.

What is the most important aspect of FM?

The most important aspect of FM to me is keeping the building safe and its occupants. Establishing processes to attain that and supporting people and their needs.

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