The RCMP ‘E’ Division Headquarters recently received BOMA Best Platinum recertification, following a rigorous assessment that assesses the environmental performance and management of the site.

The re-certification process takes up to six months to complete and includes an online assessment accompanied by an on-site verification. Verification and subsequent certification is coordinated by BOMA.

The site has been certified since 2014, initially to Gold, and was upgraded to platinum in 2017. A condition of the award is that it is re-certified every 3 years.

Since the beginning of the contract, the Bouygues site team has worked to implement and preserve a number of sustainable building practices, including:

  • Certification to ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems
  • Green cleaning training of custodians
  • Upgrading the air filtration system by replacing air filters with MERV 15 filters
  • Practices to increase waste diversion, which reached a whopping rate of 88% waste diverted from landfill for the whole of 2020
  • Utilizing environmentally friendly chemicals and materials to perform cleaning and maintenance services of the building
  • Heat Recovery System: The site utilizes a sophisticated heat recovery system to provide heating and cooling exchange in three buildings on the campus to minimize natural gas consumption and associated GHG emissions. In the last 12 months, the three buildings emitted just 207 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Congratulations to the site team for this achievement, and for working toward using implementing industry leading practices to reduce our environmental impact.

Only 3% of buildings received BOMA BEST Platinum.

*2,592 buildings certified by BOMA, 103 hold BOMA BEST platinum