After over 2 years of construction and mobilizing, the building opens to employees.

The 7,000m2 Forensic Laboratory, partially designed at the start of the RCMP project, was built to support the investigation of the most serious and violent crimes, helping to quickly identify and apprehend offenders, and contribute to enhancing the safety of Canadians.

The new state of the art building houses a shooting range, toxicology laboratory and a DNA testing and storage facility, and is one of three RCMP forensic laboratories in Canada. The lab will be used by RCMP staff to assist in crime scene forensic identifications, undertake DNA anaylsis and carry out firearm and toolmark identification, among other services.

Service commencement on July 15th, 2019, on which date Bouygues Energies and Services’ existing responsibilities of providing Maintenance, Groundskeeping, Cleaning and Waste, Help Desk, Food Services, Parking, Projects and Minor Works to the existing 80,000m2 site were extended to include the lab.

Bouygues E&S have been heavily involved throughout the project, providing design interface, FM services and addressing building deficiencies as identified by both clients and Bouygues E&S. During this period, Bouygues E&S’ team collaborated with BIRD Construction, Canada, and RCMP.