This week, Bouygues Energies & Services Canada participated in a company-wide Health and Safety ‘Stand Down’.

The purpose of this initiative was to:
• Focus on trends related to Injuries, Near Misses and Hazards.
• Re-set our mentality to work safely and get back to basics.
• Re-focus on physical and mental health and safety as it pertains to the COVID19 pandemic.
• Initiate dialogue and discussion with our workers on how we can better support and keep them safe through their daily work tasks and activities.

At the start of the week, all of our Contracts were led through an information session focused on presenting the initiative and discussing end goals and objectives. On Wednesday, May 5th, our Managers and Supervisors conducted a Safety talk, focused on the principles set above, with the end goal of engaging and re-energizing our teams to the singular focus of setting Health and Safety as the top priority in our business.

As the COVID19 pandemic pushes forward, so does the resiliency of our workforce. The initiative this week was also intended to re-set our efforts towards combatting “COVID Fatigue” and the effects it can have on our mental state, focus and energy. This has implications for our workforce both inside and outside the workplace.

Thanks to all of those that have participated in this week’s stand down, working towards a safer workplace.